Workshop episode 5

TIME: July 07, 2016

HOSTER: 司晓静, 封小武

ASSISTANT: 张海东, 房林

ATTENDEES: 段小艳 徐晓娟 陈丹 黄磊 李昱 李燕子 王运 李仕元 王玥 国莹 刘欣倩 张举凯 朱烨 陈东 孙亚楠 崔福罡 李珂 孙菁 曾小仨 王欣怡

Samples to be implemented

Week 3 showcase

In week 3, we changed the plan, and get started to do some design work. Attenders are required to design their own Web page, it could be any topic basically. And people were showing creative and productive, they worked very hard and effecitvely During the workshop, we also learn some basic design princples. We talked about how to use image, how to do basic typograghy, and hierachy.