Workshop episode 6

TIME: April 11, 2017

HOSTER: 陈海洲, 李君丽

ATTENDEES: 支朴,赵国旭,欧阳英杰,刘博,井寒,王正坤,程珊,孙晶晶,陈曦宇,段雨纯,杨平,孙凯超,杜卫龙,张晓春,王绿菊,张嫣然,王禹皓,刘人瑞,黄小青

Samples to be implemented

  • Week 2: Themes for Twitter

    In this week, we are looking into HTML5 elements, and also learn new features in CSS3, like transition, gradient and transform. And also we talk more about responsive web design.

    The design we chosen is very suitable for responsive web development.

    Students from different background are keeping pair and learn stuff from each other, more people are joining, we are running out of table. Many students stay very late to do their assignment. As a coach, I was very moved.

Week 3 showcase

In week 3, we changed the plan, and get started to do some design work. Attenders are required to design their own Web page, it could be any topic basically. And people were showing creative and productive, they worked very hard and effecitvely During the workshop, we also learn some basic design princples. We talked about how to use image, how to do basic typograghy, and hierachy.