Places I have been

During the past 2 years, I have taken about 5000+ photos by my iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s has a "secret" function: it takes photo with some additional information.

Those additional information includes geolocation(longitude, latitude), aperture, speed of shutter, and so on. Last weekend, I extracted those information out of my photo collection, and try to visualize it as a GIS. Of course, with a few lines of ruby and JavaScript, here is what I got.

Things I used for generate the map.

Name Description What for?
Mongodb The most popular Opensource NoSQL database. Mongodb Generate the places.json(used for the heatmap)
exifr Extract EXIF info by using ruby, here is the detail. EXIF Extract the origianl EXIF information out of photos
jq JSON data transformer. ./jq Extract and transfrom the data extracted by exifr and mongodb
Name Description What for?
OpenLayers JavaScript library for build WebGIS easier The underlying map
heatmap.js An easy to use heatmap generator, and can be integrated prefectly with OpenLayers The heatmap you can see
Foundation 5 The awesome responsive front-end framework That's why you can visit this page via iPhone or iPad seamlessly
Github page A great platform for static page hosting Hosting this site(well, part of)
Middleman A static page generator Yes, that's how this site is generated
middleman-gh-pages A plugin for middleman, for make the deployment to github pages easier Deploy to github
Bower Dependency management for front-end JavaScript development JavaScript Dependency management