##Generate typical project layout If you are as lazy as I am, you may want to generate typical project layout automatically, let’s do it by using gradle.

Simply add the following lines into your build.gradle:

apply plugin: 'java'

task "create-dirs" << {
    sourceSets*.java.srcDirs*.each {it.mkdirs()}
    sourceSets*.resources.srcDirs*.each {it.mkdirs()}

then using gradle to run the task defined “create-dirs”:

$ gradle create-dirs

you will get the directories structure like this:

├── build.gradle
└── src
    ├── main
    │   ├── java
    │   └── resources
    └── test
        ├── java
        └── resources

If you are using intellij as your default IDE, then you can apply the ‘idea’ plugin for the project:

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'idea'

and then:

$ gradle idea

it should generate 3 files out: file.iml, file.ipr, file.iws. You can then open intellij and have fun with code inside, I would like to make a new post to talking about how to setup a java project by using intellij, and using TDD for coding.